Are there any tips for using filters and sorting effectively to find the best flight options?

Ashish Akolkar
Ashish Akolkar

To effectively use filters and sorting options to find the best flight options, start by setting a budget and using the price filter to eliminate flights outside your range. Filter by the number of stops to choose between direct flights and those with layovers and use the airline filter to select preferred carriers or alliances. If your schedule is flexible, use departure and arrival time filters to find convenient flights, and sort by duration to identify the shortest options, especially for long-haul trips. Look for changeable flights if you anticipate any changes to your plans and filter by cabin class to select the desired comfort level. After applying filters, use sorting options to arrange flights by price, duration, or departure time for easy comparison. Additionally, if available, check flight reviews and ratings to gauge the experience of other travelers. These strategies will help you find the most suitable and cost-effective flights for your travel needs.

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