What is an E-Ticket?

Ashish Akolkar
Ashish Akolkar

An E-Ticket, or electronic ticket, is a digital version of a paper ticket for your flight. Unlike traditional paper tickets, E-Tickets are stored electronically in the airline's database. You will receive an email confirmation with your E-Ticket details after booking your flight. E-Tickets eliminate the need to carry a physical ticket, offering convenience and security as they cannot be lost, stolen, or damaged. At the airport, you can check in using your E-Ticket details at self-service kiosks, online, or at the airline's check-in counter. Simply present your ID and the confirmation code provided in your booking email. E-tickets offer flexibility in managing and modifying your flight, making the process more straightforward. If you have any further questions about your E-Ticket or need assistance with your booking, please contact our customer service team at sabchalo.

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